Pink Noise for Deep Sleep | 12 Hours | BLACK SCREEN | Pink noise sound to sleep fast, sleep longer

Pink noise includes the full range of audible sounds, but the lower frequencies are amplified, and the higher frequencies are diminished. It sounds more soothing to many people who might find white noise annoying. 


Studies show that exposure to pink noise can lead to deeper sleep, longer sleep, and improved memory. The findings were true for nighttime sleep and daytime naps

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12 Hours (approx) of relaxing pink noise sound. Pink noise for sleeping with black screen to keep the room dark and to extend the battery life of your device through the night. Creates a soothing ambience to help you go to sleep fast, stay asleep longer, and (studies show) improve memory. Or, listen to pink noise passively while studying or working. Block out distractions and maintain focus. Helps people seeking mindfulness or with tinnitus, colicky babies, anxiety, stress, noisy neighbors, street noise, etc. 


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