Black Screen, White Noise | Aquarium Sounds | Fish Tank | 12 Hours | Sleep | Study | Focus | Relax

12 Hours (approx) of soothing Aquarium/Fish Tank sounds. Let the relaxing sound of the fish tank pump gently purring and making quiet bubbling water sounds like a soothing brook lure you off to sleep. White noise for sleeping with black screen to maintain a dark room and extend your battery life through the night. Creates a relaxed ambience to help you go to sleep faststay asleep longer, or to listen to passively while studying or working. Block out distractions and maintain focus. Great to help with tinnitus, colicky babies, anxiety, stress, noisy neighbors, street noise, etc. Copyright @Sleep Chill and Relax

Black Screen | White Noise | 10 Hours | 8 Hours | Sleep | Chill | Relax | Study | Work | Focus | Concentrate | Meditate | Colic | Stress Relief | Anxiety Relief | Insomnia | Tinnitus

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