8 Hours of Rain and Distant Thunder Sounds with Black Screen for Deep Sleeping

If your mind racing in bed at night, refusing to let you relax into sleep, this video is for you. This simple tool can help you quickly calm your mind and put you in the right head space for a great night of deep sleep.

This 8 Hours of soothing, soft rain sounds with distant thunder was recorded live in November 2022 in Gulf Shores, Alabama as a mild tropical storm swept northward from the Gulf of Mexico over the area. It creates an amazingly relaxed ambience for sleeping, studying, focusing, meditating, yoga, or mindfulness exercises.

Rain and water sounds offer troubled sleepers great comfort. "Rain is predictable, calming, stable, and non-threatening," says Dr. Shelby Harris, a behavioral sleep-medicine specialist. Steady rainfall noises help lull the brain into falling asleep, block outside noises, and frequently induce a more meditative state that brings on relaxation (Source provided in description on YouTube).

The rain plus distant thunder sounds for sleeping, with black screen, keeps your room dark and extends the battery life of your device through the night. Creates a soothing ambience to help you fall asleep fast, stay asleep longer, and (studies show) sleep more deeply and restfully. Or listen to it passively while studying, working, doing yoga, or practicing mindfulness exercises. Block out distractions and maintain focus. Helps people seeking mindfulness or with tinnitus, colicky babies, anxiety, stress, noisy neighbors, street noise, etc.

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